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Unleash your second half

SCROLL TO VIEW WORK WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GROW UP? TIME TO REDEFINE RETIREMENT. With CFS, retirement isn’t your curtain call. It’s the beginning of your amazing second half. Previous Next OOH The category is renowned for being passive. So we made sure we’re not. Previous Next Back to work

step up to pro grade choices

SCROLL TO VIEW WORK YOU TOO CAN INVEST LIKE A PRO Many Australians think sophisticated, high return investment options are just for professionals. In reality, with the CFS Pro Grade Campaign, they can access ‘pro grade’ choices that can let them unleash bold investment choices. https://vimeo.com/795535139https://vimeo.com/795535330https://vimeo.com/795535254https://vimeo.com/795535008 Back to work

get a step ahead

SCROLL TO VIEW WORK A FEW WORDS FROM THOSE WHO KNOW WORDS FirstChoice is CFS’s main financial advice platform. To let advisers know that it had been revamped, we revamped traditional (and often very dry) B2B adviser testimonials with the help of motivational pep-talks. https://vimeo.com/795531375https://vimeo.com/795531648https://vimeo.com/795531062 Back to work

unleashing a better future

SCROLL TO VIEW WORK LAUNCHING A FUND THE WORLD NEEDS MORE THAN EVER When CFS launched a new ESG fund (environmental, social and governance), we we reframed ‘ESG’ as ‘people, planet and policy’, and gave it a name that would make it stand out among its more functional peers. Previous Next Back to work

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