About it's friday

Why the name? Well, if you think of your favourite day of the working week, chances are it’ll be Friday. As someone once said: “Friday: It’s the golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend. The famous F-word we thank God for every week”.

We’re more optimistic on Friday. More positive. More relaxed. More open. More engaged. More creative. In short, Friday is simply more fun, with an infectious energy that’s impossible to ignore.

Its power has been proved by no less an authority than the Harvard Business School, who published a research report showing that Friday is the most anticipated day of the week.

No surprises there. But the report also found that Friday’s uniquely positive energy has profound effects. Friday’s elevated spirits helps people recall even the smallest of encounters, from a passing conversation to the taste of coffee. Why? Because optimistic energy opens us up to engaging with others and the wider world. We’re more interested in life. We want to create and share moments that are worth remembering.

Which got us thinking.

Brands deliver messages every day of the week, but what energy are they giving out? Is it that of a middling Thursday, or, even worse, a sad old Monday? Or is it the vibrant, unforgettable energy of Friday?

Because Friday’s energy wraps itself around people and makes them smile. And smiles are contagious, in the same way that great work is.

If a brand’s energy can give you that feeling every day, then it’s reaching its full potential. So that’s what we seek to do – inject that Friday energy into brands. Because it’s an energy that you notice, enjoy, welcome, remember, and seek out.

It’s an energy that’s impossible to ignore.

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